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Global Partners

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As an additional value proposition for the company's customers,

we launched a new service:

Establishment of global distribution partners in the Healthcare and Medical Devices market, and distribution performance evaluation and restructuring.


Did you invest a lot of your effort and money, and you are anxious to get to the next stage? Market access?


If these questions are relevant for you, we have a common background of discussion. 

Mr. Omri Ofer, who manages this line of business at Universo, will be happy to meet you. Omri has vast experience and unique knowledge based on his executive positions in the Israeli market for the past 20 years.


Do you have a
great product in the healthcare or medical devices sector you are about to launch?


The experience is based on three different foundations

Being a local distributor of global leaders such as 3M, Philips

Understanding and closely working with the Pharma and Retail markets: Pharm chains, Pharmacies and HMOs

Omri is a member of the "CEUTA ALLIANCE" the largest Healthcare distributors alliance and network


Please contact us and mention you are interested in information about the mentioned service, and Mr. Omri Ofer will get back to you.

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